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About us

Saku Õlletehas was established in 1820, when the owner of Saku manor, Karl Friedrich Rehbinder decided to set up a small brewery at his manor. Documentation has proven that the first brewing period at the Saku beer house took place in October 1820. By 1899, Saku Õlletehas had become the biggest brewery in North Estonia and had built its own railway line between Saku and Tallinn.

Throughout history, quality lager beer and Baltic porter have played a key role in the Saku beer portfolios. These beers have been exported all over the world, from the Russian Empire to the developed beer markets in Europe.

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Saku Originaal

Saku Originaal is undoubtedly the number 1 brand in our beer portfolio in terms of sales volume. The pale lager beer with a pure taste, that is brewed using modern technology and European quality standards, quickly became the most popular beer in Estonia after it was first brewed in 1993. It is also our most exported beer brand.

Saku Originaal is brewed using pure spring water, malted barley and carefully selected hops, using Saku’s own beer yeast. Its pleasing, hoppy and pure taste makes Saku Originaal a drinkable quality beer, ideal for enjoying in company or as a refreshing companion to a delicious meal.


Saku Kuld

Saku Kuld is the finest brew of Estonia’s oldest brewery. It is a true gold standard and the cream of the crop when it comes to beers. It is a masterpiece that entwines two centuries of brewing traditions with the latest technology.

In the taste of Saku Kuld you will find a masterfully balanced brew that has the strength of Nordic barley malt and velvety smoothness of sunny German Hallertau aroma hops. The purest taste of Kuld can be guaranteed by following strictly the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot).


Saku Tume

Saku Tume is a chestnut-coloured, rich and traditional Estonian dark lager beer. It is made for an experienced beer lover who appreciates the stronger taste of a dark beer. Roasted caramel malt (40% of volume) as well as burned sugar is used in addition to the traditional light barley malt (60% of volume) when brewing Saku Tume, giving the beer a special deep hue, a unique roasty taste and a rich nose. The recipe for Saku Tume has been the same since the 1960s.

Estonian dark beer is brewed using a bottom-fermenting process, and compared to common European lagers, Estonian dark beers have more alcohol, giving them a stronger taste and making them more inebriating. The alcohol content of Saku Tume is 6.7%.


Saku Porter

Saku Porter is a unique, full-flavoured, strong, dark beer. It is brewed using caramel, light and coffee malts. Its roots date back several centuries – to Ireland and England, where the beer got its name from dockworkers whose favourite drink it was.

The best way to enjoy Saku Porter would be in front of a fireplace or by candlelight during those long and dark winter nights. This beer keeps you warm through the coldest time of the year.

Saku Porter has been the traditional crown of Christmas feasts and accompanied roast meat and game. The fact that porter is also perfectly suited for various desserts, especially those containing chocolate, may not be that commonly known.


Saku Manchester

The Taste of Manchester or Saku Manchester for short is a classic slightly sweet light red beer brewed following the finest traditions of English brewmasters.

In England this beer is called ale and every respectable traditional English pub has this type of mild red beer at the top of their beer menu. Saku Manchester gets its English accent from light and caramel malt and aromatic hops that together make the beer sweeter and give it its red colour.

Characteristic to English ale, Saku Manchester has a low carbon dioxide level. Slightly sweet red beer with a strong English accent


Super Manki Soft Drink

Super Manki is perfect alternative for energy drinks. It is an energy drink flavored soft drink that does not contain caffeine and taurine. Extra power is provided by mate tea extract.

The taste of Super Manki is great for both energy drink and lemonade lovers. Sweet enough and sour enough. For those who drink energy drinks for the pleasant taste rather than the stimulation, Super Mankis is definitely a good alternative. In addition to Super Manki energy flavored soft drink there are Super Manki Cola Party (cola + energy drink flavor) and Super Manki Red Boost (goji berries + energy drink flavor). All Super Mankies are available in 0,33L sleek cans.

Oh – and one more thing! Super Manki soft drink tastes best at 5-7°C. Or, in the vernacular – when chilled!